Some Recent Work

A handful of projects from the not-so-distant past.


MS McClellan: Summer Sale

The fine folks at MS McClellan are masters at telling someone's personal story through clothing, we sought to bring story and style to their summer ad.

Who's thirsty?

KARM Stores: History

The history of how KARM Stores came about had never been captured in a proper sense. We worked together to define that story, track down the early images, and present it in an easily understood way.

They now use this version to onboard new employees to continue that story.

Lawn Butler: Excellent People, Excellent Projects

Lawn Butler continues to be a destination company for folks in the Green Industry. Their leadership is strong, their experience is vast, and they keep making beautiful landscapes in East Tennessee. 

Finworx: Merry and Bright

To create a unique holiday greeting, sometimes you have to do just that.

Create it. From scratch.

I traced and cut, then painted and drilled, then lit and hung a one-of-a-kind sign, all the while setting up and shooting a video of the whole process.

Fiveworx: The Gift of Engagement

Another holiday greeting that cleverly utilizes company swag, a handmade ornament, and a different passion: gift wrap.

It's a long story.

Finworx: Finworx360 Advisor Superpower

Software that uses Machine Learning and Behavioral Economics to help advisors fulfill their fiduciary roles for their clients is basically a superpower.

How do you show that though? With cool graphics of course. 

Soup to nuts, concept to creation, had fun with this one. 

Hope Resource Center: Briana Introduction

Briana has a beautiful story about Hope that she shared at a recent event. We created this to introduce her.